4 Health Benefits of Scented Candles

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Candles have been around since around 3000 BC and maybe even earlier. First used as a source of illumination, candles now serve many purposes in our lives. People enjoy scented candles in their homes and offices. Fragrant candles give the air a nice smell, no matter what scents our nose craves. We can easily purchase candles online or from a local candle shop to use any time we want. But, did you know burning candles can also benefit your health?
It’s not just talk. Although many people do not realize the benefits of fragrant candles, a wealth of scientific research backs the claims. Curious to learn more about the benefits candles can provide to your health? Here are four of the biggest health benefits of candles.

1. Calms the Mind

A 2016 study published in the Scientia Pharmaceutica Journal showed that our smell plays a role in our mood, stress levels, and our productivity. The research showed solid evidence that scented candles can help reduce anxiety and stress and even elevate mood.

Do certain scents calm the mind better than others? Yes. To get the most possible effects from a candle, choose lavender, peppermint, or geranium smells. These scents work best to calm the mind. Many people use them now through a process known as aromatherapy. You may even use aromatherapy yourself but can always start if not.

2. Sleep Better

Most of us do not sleep enough at night, which can impact our internal biological clock and play a role in our mood, thought process, and even decision-making skills. When we do not sleep enough, our circadian rhythm is impacted. If you do not sleep at least seven hours each night, it is time to take action and set a goal to sleep more.

If it is near bedtime and you do not feel sleepy, burning a candle may do the trick. The flames from the candle can invoke feelings of sleepiness, especially in older individuals. It works so well because it gives the eyes a break from blue light, which impacts our ability to fall asleep when it is time.

3. Better Mood

If you feel stressed out more often than not, find a good place to buy candles online and pickup a scented candle. Some aromas are believed to lower cortisol levels in the body while increasing the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain like serotonin and dopamine. You will find the aromas instantly boost your mood without the need for any anti-anxiety medication necessary.

4. Better Memory

Brain fogginess occurs to the best of us. If you are a victim or if you struggle to remember things, burn an aromatic candle. Harvard Gazette published an article called Science of Smell discussing the role scent has on our emotions and memory. They discussed how our memory and emotion are intertwined and how people who are attracted to certain smells often like them because they remind them of something pleasant in their lives. This also explains why we crave certain foods more often than others.

There are many reasons to find a great candle shop and use fragrant candles in your home. If the illumination and amazing smells do not sway you to use them, perhaps the health benefits described above will.

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